• Warm Apple Pie at Karuizawa's Mampei Hotel

    Monday Nov 21 2016

    As we get closer to Tokyo we have one last stop on our list! Kaurizawa is just 1 hour by fast train from Tokyo, a well-to-do holiday destination, and summer get away...

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  • Primeval Nara Park

    Friday Sep 30 2016

    Nara is considered an ancient area of Japan, boasting one of Japans oldest parks, largest bronze statues, protected wild deer, and the worlds largest wooden structure, Kasuga grand shrine.  Strolling...

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  • Yoshi Jones Loves Natural Fibres

    Wednesday Oct 14 2015

    Have you ever gone into a store and bought a garment wondering the quality of the fabric? What it’s made from or the benefits of wearing natural fibres as opposed to...

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