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Henoheno Lunch Box

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The design on this henoheno lunch box, has a great story to it... 

'Originally, Henohenomoheji or Henoheno is a funny face drawn by Japanese children using Japanese syllable alphabet.
Seven hiragana characters are included in the word: he, no, he , no , mo, he , and ji .
HE (へ) are the eyebrows x 2
NO (の) are the eyes x 2
MO (も) is the nose
HE (へ) is the mouth
JI (じ) is the outline of the face' extracted from here

The boxes are made of PET-ABS plastic, 100% BPA-free.

- 173×120×82mm

- Lower compartment: 550 ml 

- Upper compartment: 400 ml 

- Total: 950 ml

This lunch box features two trays, with compartments within the lower tray.

Care: We recommend to use a dishwasher liquid soap (vs tablet) to maintain your bento box prints. Do not put in dishwasher or microwave.

Made in Japan.

Have a look at our blog about bento boxes here: http://bit.ly/1Ljyi93 

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