• Narugo Kokeshi Doll - Instore Only

Narugo Kokeshi Doll - Instore Only


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Kokeshi are dolls originally from Northen Japan's Tohoku region. They are handmade from Japanese maple, Cherry or dogwood. Hand painted, and signed at the base by the artist, Most dolls have simple trunks and a large head with a painted face. 
The below information comes from a very interesting website:

"The Narugo body seems the most quintessential dento style, solid and stable, slightly concave at the waist, with definite shoulders. A special planing technique called uterakashi was developed to help shape the bodies. The neatly rounded heads are just slightly ovoid. They are about the same width as the shoulders, so the proportioning has a secure, classic feel.

The painting of the heads also follows a standard pattern. The curve of the bangs follows the curve of the eyebrows. The side tufts of hair generally have three brush strokes. The pattern on top the head has a central black tuft or ponytail, artfully curved like a flourish in caillgraphy. On either side of this are red tegara patterns, somewhat variable in style, but also with calligraphic flair. Perhaps this style of ribbon-like ornamentation was borrowed from mizuhiki designs used on gosho from Kyoto."

H - 18.5cm W - 5cm 
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